Why Choose Us

  • We possess genuine proven expertise
  • We passionately care about providing a 5 star service to all of our clients
  • We offer clear fixed pricing
  • We offer FREE meetings
  • We offer FREE telephone support
  • We give advice in plain English
  • We have a down to earth friendly approachable team
  • Our work is 100% guaranteed

Common Worries:

- You already have an accountant

If you already have an accountant who delivers an excellent value for money service that you are entirely happy with and provides all of the services and support that we do then we do not want to interfere with that relationship. There are other good accountants out there. If you have found yourself on this page it is possible that this might not be the case.

- You think changing is too much hassle

Don’t worry changing accountants is easy, we will contact your old accountant for you to obtain the relevant information.

- You like what we say but how do you know we can deliver?

The simple answer is you can never know for certain until you try. We fully believe that the message portrayed on our website is not simply words and we genuinely follow through with our promises.

Our work is 100% guaranteed which means if you are not happy with our work and you inform us within 30 days we will resolve the issue immediately. If you are still not happy with the resolution we will not charge you for that part of the work.

- You think our fees will be too high

We are always happy to have a meeting or telephone conversation with any potential client as part of our FREE consultation. If you think we will charge too much please take us up on this FREE consultation and we will provide you with a no obligations fee quotation, you may be pleasantly surprised. We will always be open and transparent about our charges. Our clients often pay monthly and we will not issue out of the blue invoices.

- You have just done last years accounts

If you have just prepared your accounts then there is no need to wait another year before doing anything. It is important to strategically plan ahead, decide if there are any tax savings which could be achieved or other business planning which could improve your take home profits from day one.